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See how our company is allocated by percentage shares
● Community Share Programme: 35%
● Employee Share Programme: 10%
● UK Government Programme: 10%
● Celebrity Exposure Campign: 1%
● Signup Fund: 5%
● Startup Fund: 10%
● Fund A: 20%
● Founder: 9%

All shares (%) issued in our company can only be sold when we become a listed stock market company, where we are aiming to become one by 2024/2025. We've provided these terms where we have issued shares.

Our founder has a role in all the decisions being made at UIA The Game and owns all outstanding shares in existing share allocations and will always be the majority share holder, until one day in 1000 years times... It will be completely owned by the community of 1000 years! How amazing! Right... It's just the start...