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UIA | The Web Platform is in live development...
Formerly Build with community, battle it out on the field & play your role in our agency. To be free to download on Mobile, PC, Playstation & Xbox! Volunteer by messaging us via Facebook
► Update: 14th Dec 22
Please note that we've lost the domain (announcement made on our social media channel at Facebook) and we have plans to acquire it back. Please do not follow any links from us until further notice and use our site navigation at to invest in us.

► Update: 22nd March 22

Investment Secured
Startup Fund: £ / £200,000
Fund A: £ / £20,000,000

Imagine a universe starting; that's how our game is going to unfold, with all the elements & building blocks, built within our game, using a number of builders our community can use, to populate our game, from making their character to objects we will need in our maps.

People can now invest in UIA The Game (, via the links found in our navigation system on this website, securely with PayPal. If you'd like to recommend someone else to invest, simply tell them to go to to invest in the future of gaming.

As we are in the startup phase and have recently changed our name from to UIA The Game, we are currently updating this web platform. Please be patient and if you have any questions, simply email us via Furthermore our login system isn't online here yet, but you can still register or access your account via
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In Game Builders:

We will have a number of in game builders to make our game a success with our entire community. People will be able to make their character, all the way up to making a sound for their emote. Builders include:

► Characters
► Maps
► Objects
► Skills
► Buildings
► Sounds
► Inventory
► Emotes
► Screens
► Modes

Domains we work on:

Here are our subsidiary domains, which encompass UIA The Game.


Links working on this website:

As our website is currently in development. We've outlined the links which you can access through our navigation system.

► Game > Our Game
► Investors > Invest Now, Apps, Intelligence
► Careers > Volunteer
► Dashboard > My Account
► Live > Game