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UIA | The Web Platform is in live development...
Previously powered by The Data Driven Game Company & formerly Build with community, battle it out on the field & play your role in our agency. To be free to download on PC, Playstation & Xbox soon! Register now at
About Our Game
UIA The Game -- A game like no other in universe, where you get to become united in intelligence and play your role in our community. You will be able to use a number of our in game builders to help our game & community grow.

With modes built in, you'll be able to play to your hearts content & have lots of fun. You will be able to load up the game on most platforms/devices and select what mode you'd like to play, be battle or creative.

► A community powered battle royal game
► Cross platform & cross play
► Free to download & play
► Includes in game purchasing
► Powered by meaningful data
► Designed in 62 languages
► All about fun & education
In Game Builders
► Characters
► Maps
► Objects
► Skills
► Buildings
► Sounds
► Inventory
► Emotes
► Screens
► Modes
The Player
► Customise your character
► Make your own emotes
► Learn life skills in game
► Use a rucksack for inventory
► Access 3 free characters
► Use binoculars, flares & a flashlight
► Stamina influences running
The Map
► A real life city featured each week
► Real-time weather & time built in
► A fan's featured building each day
► Places of Worship gives immunity
► Fly in with a parachute
► A map that crumbles over time
► A random city every match
► Be featured on our supporters island
► A map that shifts each day (+ land)
► A map made by the community
The Gameplay
+ Creative
► Use our in game builders
► Submit builds for in game
► Be recognised for builds
► Learn new skills in game
► Connect with people
► Discover places of worship
► Load shifted maps (old land)
► Unlock achievements
► Battle Royale game mode
► Team death match mode
► An adaptability mode
► Community made modes
► Testing/Bots Mode
► To choose building on/off
► To choose vehicles on/off
► To choose same/all platforms
► Get a second chance after dying
► 64 different types of wins
The Inventory
► 15 old, modern & futuristic weapons
► 45 different weapon attachments
► Offensive grenades, decoys & traps
► Fruit & vegetables add health
► Craft different types of shields
► Discover inventory across the map
The Education
► A community ideas lab
► A dedicated learning mode
► Incorporating maths, science & language
► Using gaming as an engine to help people
► Be recognised through volunteering
► Secrets and surprises to reveal