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Learn more about the world of finance by looking at the numbers
The data provided below is as of from the start of 2020. The numbers have certainly changed since 2022, with nearly 62m millionaires in the world today.

Stock Market Info
1994 companies do £0.1b revenue
1920 companies do £1b revenue
870 companies do £10b revenue

1875 companies do £0.1b profit
700 companies do £1b profit
50 companies do £10b profit

1999 companies worth £0.1b
1940 companies worth £1b
1090 companies worth £10b

Wealth Distribution
499m people have $100k to $1m
47m people have $1m+
41m people have between $1-5m
18m people in America have $1m+
3.6m people have between $5-10m
1.8m people have between $10-50m
168k people have over $50m
2600 people are dollar billionaires